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Please contact the Copley Township Zoning Inspector at 330-666-0108 x 1108 if your property is not found in our database.

$50 Non-Refundable Fee Due Upon Submittal

A Business Use Certificate will be issued if the following conditions are met:

The proposed business activities are permitted within the applicable district.
If applicable, the Summit County Health or Ohio EPA have approved the onsite waste water treatment system for the indicated business use.
If modifying the building, one (1) set of professional paper plans and one (1) electronic copy of plans are submitted with the application.
The proposed site/building modifications have been approved by the Chief Fire Inspector of Copley Township.

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By my eSignature verification below, I verify that I am legally authorized to submit this application as the applicant and on behalf of the landowner. Pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code 1306, I verify that I understand that electronic signatures are legally binding and have the same meaning as handwritten signatures.

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