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Pursuant to O.R.C. 519.16 and Article 6 General Provisions AA. Home Occupations of the Copley Township Zoning Resolution, the undersigned hereby applies for a Zoning Certificate for an accessory home occupation as defined in Article 6 of the Resolution, and further described hereinafter:

NOTE: The floor area devoted to the Home Occupation cannot exceed 50% of the floor area devoted to the house; exclusive of porches, garages, breezeways, terraces, attics or partial stories.

NOTE: All proposed exterior signs must obtain ARB approval

Further Representations

These regulations ensure the preservation of the township's residential neighborhoods and the quiet enjoyment of their residents and provide, under the police powers, for the regulations of home occupations so as to ensure that the limited non-residential uses in residential premises are compatible with the residential character of their surroundings.
Home Occupations shall be permitted accessory uses in residential districts, and shall be certified by the Zoning Inspector upon the Zoning Inspector finding that:
1. Such accessory use which is an activity, profession, occupations, service, craft or revenue enhancing hobby, but excluding compensated auto repair and day care facilities, which is clearly incidental and subordinate to the use of the premises for dwelling purposes, and which is conducted entirely within conforming non agricultural structures located upon the premises without any significant adverse effect on the surrounding neighborhood.
2. The aggregate floor area devoted to such accessory use does not exceed an area equal to fifty percent (50%) of the gross floor area of the dwelling, as defined in Article 2.
3. Signage which denotes the home occupation does not exceed one (1) square foot, and is not illuminated.
4. The use includes no outside storage of any kind related to the use, that no window displays or other display of products be visible from the abutting properties or the street.
5. Sales of commodities at the premises will be limited to commodities produced at the premises.
6. Not more than one (1) person, not a bona-fide resident of the household, be employed at the premises at on time in such home occupation.
7. Such accessory use occupies any portion of any principle or accessory structure except any garage(s) which will be maintained for their primary purpose of housing up to two (2) vehicles.
8. Such use does not create a nuisance by reason of noise, odor, dust, vibration, fumes, smoke, electrical interference, or other causes, such as excessive traffic, as determined by the Zoning Inspector.
9. Such use complies with O.R.C. 3734 et. seq. regarding hazardous waste.
10. Such use does not permit the inclusion of a street address in any direct and/ or mass mailing, newspaper, radio or television advertisement.

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